Sooo this is it...this is me.

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Welcome to my virtual diary...this should be fun! I'm the closet wild one.i love my doggy.i love my family.i love sports...would kill for the Saints and LSU.dream big...go big or go home! :) falling in love is the reason i live <3 you can read about me and my tumblr under "read all about it!" then decide to follow :) k thanks!

10 wishes & 10 items i can’t live without




5.fortune,luck and happiness for friends and family return home for all soldiers

7.LSU to win NC again and again and again travel to Japan with my grandmother own an island

10.lose the ability to gain weight

can’t live without:


4.cell phone

5.toilet paper



8.toothbrush cream

10.clean underwear

— 3 years ago
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